Breakfast at Grand Floridian Cafe

Over the holiday weekend, I met up with some friends at Magic Kingdom. I decided to start my day a little earlier, however, and visited the Grand Floridian Cafe for breakfast. Since I was about to venture into MK for a few hours, I figured I might as well start my day with a Florida Sunshine. I enjoyed this cocktail on my last breakfast visit here a little over a year ago. It features Peach Schnapps, Chambord, Skyy Vodka, and a splash of Orange and Cranberry Juices.


I was looking for something substantial since I didn’t have any plans on the agenda for dining while at MK. At the same time, I didn’t want to feel weighed down by too many carbs, so I opted for the Sirloin Steak and Eggs.


The dish features Sirloin Steak cooked to your preference, Breakfast Potatoes, Two Eggs cooked to your preference, and Bearnaise Sauce. I requested my steak rare and my eggs poached.


The steak came out topped with the Bearnaise sauces and some chopped tomatoes. There was a nice sear to the exterior, and the interior was rare as requested. Some of the steak more toward the center was close to being blue, which I don’t mind. While most of the steak was tender, there were a few bites that were a bit tough, and certainly not tough enough to say anything.


The breakfast potatoes were nicely cooked, buttery, and rich. The adjacent greens were tossed with a light vinaigrette, and brought a bright acidity the the more indulgent, creamy items on the plate.


My poached eggs were served in a ramekin, which, uh… lacks in presentation.


Because the potatoes weren’t rich enough, I put one of the poached eggs on top and broke the yolks. It was a nice added layer of flavor.


Here is the menu:



Overall, the breakfast was very good, and, while the second priciest breakfast menu item, I felt it was worth the price tag. I felt the portion was fair, and, while similar offerings are available at several table service restaurants on property, it’s different than what I’ve ordered at breakfast in the past. I’d gladly order this breakfast again.

Have you tried the Sirloin Steak at Eggs at the Grand Floridian Cafe? What’s your breakfast of choice?


2 responses to “Breakfast at Grand Floridian Cafe

  1. Steak is something I never had for breakfast growing up, so even though I know lots of people who like it, it still sounds strange to me. But this dish does look good and I wouldn’t mind having it for lunch! The eggs, I agree, are poorly presented. I couldn’t figure out what it was just looking at your first picture of the dish. It looks just odd in that ramekin… But, again, if this item happens to be available for lunch, I’m ordering it!

  2. It’s not something I ever had, either. Unfortunately, it’s not on the lunch menu, but you could always get a late morning ADR and call it brunch! 🙂