Lunch at Landscape of Flavors


I’m a big fan of a simple Caprese sandwich or salad. I’ve ordered several on WDW property throughout the years, be it from Crew’s Cup, Earl of Sandwich, Portobello… The list goes on. I’m especially appreciative of them in the summer, when, even with heartier bread when in sandwich form, they don’t necessarily leave you feeling weighed down. While making my way home from a visit to Art of Animation, I ordered their Caprese Sandwich to go. The sandwich features Vine-ripened Tomato, fresh Mozzarella, Basil Leaves, and Balsamic Drizzle on Ciabatta with House-made Chips or Coleslaw. I’ve had their coleslaw in the past, but it wasn’t a standout, so I opted for the chips.


I ordered my sandwich just as the restaurant changed over from breakfast to lunch. The particular bay (left of the coolers with the orange counter in the linked photo) serving this sandwich serves breakfast a bit later than the others, switching at noon instead of 11 or 11:30, if I recall correctly. This sandwich was a popular choice among the guests in line before me. There were 5 or six slices of the sandwich out when I got in line, and I received the second to last when I ordered.

The bread tasted fresh and had a nice chew to it. The tomatoes weren’t the best, which stinks because they are a primary element to a Caprese, but they weren’t the worst tomatoes I’ve had (those are reserved for Animator’s Palate on the Disney Dream way back in 2012). Fortunately, the mozzarella was creamy and the basil was bright and crisp. I think it could have used a touch more balsamic, but that might just be a personal preference because I love the stuff.


The House-made Chips were fresh and crunchy. I’m a fan of the kettle-style thickness and crunchiness, and Disney does a good job with theirs. I think I find them more consistent than their fries.


Overall, if you’re a Caprese fan like me, this one is a solid option. Even with less-than-stellar tomatoes, the other ingredients were very good. While Landscape of Flavors has some very other interesting meal options, such as Tandoori-cooked and Create-Your-Own items, sometimes you just want  simplicity, and here, it works well.

Have you ordered the Caprese Sandwich from Landscape of Flavors? Do you have a favorite dish from the restaurant?


One response to “Lunch at Landscape of Flavors

  1. Love a good caprese AND kettle chips so this is going on the list. They should serve onion dip on the side!