Lunch at The BOATHOUSE


Over the weekend, Matt and I grabbed lunch with my mom and aunt over at The BOATHOUSE at Disney Springs. And with that sentence, I’m now just going to call it The Boathouse. Originally, I wasn’t planning on doing a post and just enjoy the meal, but Matt said a few snaps wouldn’t hurt, so that’s what these pictures are – quick snaps. And not even of everything. Matt and I like trying calamari when we see it on menus, and they do a good job here. I didn’t really care for the sauce, but Matt liked it. There wasn’t really any heat to the calamari itself, but I liked the added fried green onions and Serrano chilies. It’s also pricey for an appetizer at $18 (though everything is pricey here being considered “Signature Dining”), but I felt it was a large portion with plenty to share. Alone it could be a meal, but two shared appetizers for variety would certainly work.


For his entree, Matt ordered the Steak Sandwich. It’s currently (as of this post) not listed on the Disney menu website, but it is on The Boathouse’s official website. I’m going to think that the official website will/is updated more frequently than Disney’s, so I recommend checking both when making your plans. Anyway, the Steak Sandwich features Arugula, Grilled Beefsteak, Tomato, BOATHOUSE Steak Sauce on Toasted Ciabatta and is served with Fries. Matt had already dug in at this point – there is a second half to this sandwich. You can see some of the steak that fell out. 🙂


Matt took this shot of the side, so you can see how the steak is somewhere between medium rare and medium. Steak sandwiches can be tricky, but the steak itself was fairly tender, so it wasn’t a struggle to eat.



I like the fries here here. They’re cut slim, crispy, and nicely seasoned. Much like the burger, these aren’t the “Disney standard” to which I often refer (I know – it’s under management by Gibsons Restaurant Group). I also ordered a Moscow Mule, which was quite good (you can see the copper mug in the photo above).


We had a wonderful time, great service, and delicious food to start off our afternoon together. My mom hadn’t been to Downtown Disney/Disney Springs in years, so she had fresh eyes to all the changes. In all, the trip to The Boathouse was a success, and I look forward to trying more of their menu items in the future (but the Gibson is a darn good burger).

Have you paid a visit to The Boathouse? What did you order and what did you think?


4 responses to “Lunch at The BOATHOUSE

  1. Any idea of if they show football games on the TV’s at the bar? My husband & I will be at WDW this weekend and our usual go-to to watch the Gator games is Splitsville. (Which we like.) However, if the Boathouse has the game on, I can definitely convince the husband to watch from there. We like “bowling alley sushi” & Splitsville’s pizzas, but the crab stuffed lobster is a hell of a game watching meal! Calamari appetizer is also a selling point. (Splitsville’s version is good, but we need to try the Boathouse’s version for comparison!)

  2. I honestly don’t know – I would recommend calling them. On this visit, we got a table and weren’t paying attention to the TVs even though it was a Saturday. When we visited when they first opened at sat at the bar, the TVs were on an infomercial on one and a telenovela on the other…

  3. Just an update – sitting at the bar right now & 1 TV has the Nebraska / Miami game & the other has Auburn / LSU. This might be a viable game watching spot.

  4. Good to know! Thank you for the update!