Breakfast at Rainforest Cafe


This past weekend, I made an early trip to Animal Kingdom and stopped by Rainforest Cafe to try their breakfast. I started with a Jungle Fever – Spicy Bloody Mary Mix (I’m guessing Finest Call brand) and vodka blended with “secret seasonings.” It’s topped with their “famous Kettle Chips,” which I believe are Cape Cod chips.


The drink was okay with some doctoring – Tabasco, salt, pepper. The glass was rimmed with celery salt, which I used my straw to scrape and stir in. It was one of those “you know what you’re walking into” situations in terms of the cocktail.


For my breakfast, I ordered the Pie of the Viper. It’s described as a Mexican-style Breakfast Pizza brushed with Salsa and topped with Scrambled Eggs, Roma Tomatoes, Red, Green, and Poblano Peppers, Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheeses, and garnished with Fresh Cilantro. Bacon or Sausage can be added for an additional fee, which I opted for Bacon.


This pizza is huge. Granted, at $13.99 before meat, it should be. I didn’t have much of an appetite, but managed a slice and a half before picking at the toppings with my fork. It was a perfectly fine breakfast pizza, but not something necessarily worth going out of your way for. However, with limited breakfast options at the park (especially with Pizzafari undergoing a refurb), it is a welcome choice.


Here is the menu from my visit:


Overall, the breakfast was a good one. The food was as expected but decent, and service was quite excellent. Some of the best I’ve had in a while, actually. If you’re looking for breakfast outside of your resort and still want to make Animal Kingdom’s rope drop, Rainforest Cafe is a nice option, and splitting the Pie of the Viper will help cut costs while making you full.

Have you grabbed breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe outside of Animal Kingdom? What did you order?


5 responses to “Breakfast at Rainforest Cafe

  1. Ha, I’m surprised Tonga Toast isn’t copyrighted to Disney.

  2. Interesting! I had no idea they were open for breakfast… as I think the locations in my area only serve lunch and dinner.

  3. Jenn – One would think they would lol.

    Ricardo – Yup! The Animal Kingdom location serves breakfast, as does the one in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney District.

  4. We’ve had breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe a surprising number of times. That may say something about our taste in breakfast food, but I think it says more about the small number of (non-character, non-buffet) table service breakfast options in Walt Disney World in general and Animal Kingdom specifically.

    I actually like their Tonga Toast more than Kona’s version, but you know I’m a lot more open to a sweet breakfast than you I’m a French toast nut.

  5. I really think I might be more apt to swing by here for breakfast on early AK mornings. I don’t like spending the money on character/buffet breakfasts, even if it’s the best “value” for a meal in both regards. Maybe me of these days I can get Matt to join me and see what he thinks about their version of Tonga Toast. 😉