Lunch at Splitsville


Over the weekend, I stopped by Splitsville at Disney Springs for a quick lunch and to watch some football. I placed an order for an item I had very much enjoyed in the past: The Alberto. It’s one of the items from their sushi menu and is described as “no rice, just lean protein and veggies. Spicy tuna and avocado rolled in thinly sliced cucumber and served with lemon ponzu sauce.” This is what arrived. We’ll get to a comparison photo from the first time I had it momentarily.


As you can see, the presentation was severely lacking. I had an image in my mind of what it would look like, and this is what arrived. Loosely coiled cucumber, slapdash tuna and avocado, and sad, floppy cucumber. The worst part was that the tuna, which was mealy and lacked much flavor. I didn’t feel it was bad to the point it needed to be sent back, but it was indeed a disappointment.


This is how it looked the last time I ordered it, which had a much nicer presentation.


Look at these coils. The cucumber is peeled thinner here, and tightly wound. The avocado tucked away, barely peeking out. The cucumber had crunch.


This could have been a fluke, but it certainly doesn’t make me want to order their sushi again anytime soon. I will say the bartender was top notch and very professional. Despite the less-than-stellar food, I’d still have no problem returning to Splitsville for a meal, I would just opt for a different menu section.

Have you been to Splitsville? What is your favorite item to order?


2 responses to “Lunch at Splitsville

  1. A+ for ingredients, D for fear the entire thing would collapse the moment I picked it up.

  2. A+ for the ingredients this visit if only they were as good as the ingredients when I had it first time.