Hey Guys

I know I’ve been essentially radio silent lately, and I know it’s during Food and Wine, but life has gotten in the way. What’s going on? Let’s just say, “That’s proprietary.” I do not know in what capacity the blog will continue. Yes, I will leave it up for reference. I may add to it. I may not. Everything is up in the air right now. Thank you for reading and I appreciate your understanding.


26 responses to “Hey Guys

  1. Sarah, good luck with whatever is going on. Wishing you much success!

  2. So sorry to hear this…..Have followed you on twitter for quite some time & always enjoy reading your blog. Hang in there…Hope everything works out!

  3. If nothing else, 10 points for the Dinosaur reference. 🙂

  4. Sorry. Too bad, best blog I read all week. Thank you and hope you work it out.

  5. Maybe let us know…. Not sure it’s nice to keep coming here if nothing is updated. Thanks for it all though.

  6. Best wishes and good thoughts for whatever you may be going through. Hope you will come back as I do enjoy reading your blogs and they have gotten me through my years of cancer treatments when I couldn’t go anywhere. But whatever you decide to do, I know your decision will be the best for you.

  7. Good luck with whatever is going on. I do enjoy your blog a lot and I will miss it.

  8. Sarah, I really hope everything is okay! I was worried when you didn’t post especially at this time of year. I truly appreciate all you have done and will really miss this blog.

  9. Have enjoyed reading your blog. Was hoping you were ok when I didn’t see a posting for awhile. You touched and informed a lot of us. Thank you.

  10. Personal life always comes first before work. I hope everything works out for you! Take care of yourself!

  11. Sad to hear this. Good luck! And I hope things get to a point that would allow you to continue with this blog that I enjoy so much!

  12. I hope everything works out for you. Sending good thoughts your way.

  13. Thank you all for the kind words!

  14. Good luck with everything Sarah. We appreciate everything you’ve done!

  15. Good luck with everything going on for you. You and your site will be missed! Best wishes.

  16. Sure have missed your updates. Wishing you well and hope you can continue this blog in the future.

  17. Best wishes, Sarah. I promise I won’t be a stranger, even if this blog isn’t a gathering place for us anymore.

  18. DARN IT. Fave blog. Hope you’re ok then.

  19. Thank you all again. I’m incredibly and truly appreciative of all the love, wishes, and thoughts you are sending!

  20. Your blog has been a nice escape from the recent struggle of losing both my job and an immediate family member. Thanks, prayers, and best wishes!

  21. Praying everything works out for the best. Have appreciated your blog very much over the years.

  22. Praying everything works for the best. Have enjoyed the blog very much over the years, and would love for it to continue, but definitely understand life getting in the way.

  23. I rarely post but often read…. Just wanted to send hugs and good wishes your way !

  24. I’m so sad to read this – I love your blog!!! I hope you are well.
    Please reconsider?

    Best wishes

  25. Hi. What’s up with the blog? I ‘ll keep checking in if you tell us you’ll be back, if not, please let us know. Kind of a waste to keep checking.