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Joffrey’s Disney Parks and Resorts Specialty Coffee Collection

I’ll preface this by saying, as I’ve noted on the blog before, that I’m not a coffee drinker. That’s mostly true. When I went to college in Maine, you better believe I was a coffee drinker. The winters were brutal, and walking around campus required the piping hot beverage to stay warm. As I kept moving south post-graduation, that hot coffee was gradually replaced with iced coffee and chilled coffee beverages. Now, here in Florida, that cup of coffee is reserved for especially sluggish mornings at the office, when a can of soda just isn’t going to cut it.

american-adventure-joffreys-espresso-coffee-pastriesDuring the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, visit Espresso, Coffee and Pastries at The American Adventure Presented by Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. Here, you’ll find a Chocolate Stout latte featuring Monin chocolate, caramel and hazelnut with milk and espresso and an Iced Bailey’s latte featuring Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur with milk and espresso over ice.

I enjoy the flavor of coffee, be it the beverage or perhaps worked into a dessert. Matt, on the other hand, does not. He can’t even stand the smell of it, so no personal-sized brewer in our house – not even if we have guests. We have to take them out to get their coffee fix (which, let’s face it, is usually in the parks 😉 ).

You might be familiar with the kiosk above and similar versions around the parks. These kiosks serve Joffrey’s Coffee, and their menus boast an assortment of preparations. Despite not having a coffee maker at home, my office features a Keurig, and I was able to find a reusable K-Cup that fits the machine. The wonderful people at Joffrey’s offered to send along a few samples of their coffee for me to try, and I’ve been drinking them over the past few days.


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