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Lunch at The BOATHOUSE


Over the weekend, Matt and I grabbed lunch with my mom and aunt over at The BOATHOUSE at Disney Springs. And with that sentence, I’m now just going to call it The Boathouse. Originally, I wasn’t planning on doing a post and just enjoy the meal, but Matt said a few snaps wouldn’t hurt, so that’s what these pictures are – quick snaps. And not even of everything. Matt and I like trying calamari when we see it on menus, and they do a good job here. I didn’t really care for the sauce, but Matt liked it. There wasn’t really any heat to the calamari itself, but I liked the added fried green onions and Serrano chilies. It’s also pricey for an appetizer at $18 (though everything is pricey here being considered “Signature Dining”), but I felt it was a large portion with plenty to share. Alone it could be a meal, but two shared appetizers for variety would certainly work.


For his entree, Matt ordered the Steak Sandwich. It’s currently (as of this post) not listed on the Disney menu website, but it is on The Boathouse’s official website. I’m going to think that the official website will/is updated more frequently than Disney’s, so I recommend checking both when making your plans. Anyway, the Steak Sandwich features Arugula, Grilled Beefsteak, Tomato, BOATHOUSE Steak Sauce on Toasted Ciabatta and is served with Fries. Matt had already dug in at this point – there is a second half to this sandwich. You can see some of the steak that fell out. 🙂


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Lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe


On a recent visit to Magic Kingdom, I met up with a couple of friends who skipped breakfast in their excitement to get to the park. After a quick ride on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, they were ready for and early lunch.  Since we were in Tomorrowland, we made our way over to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.


After placing our order and receiving our food, we grabbed front row seats to be inundated with punny songs and jokes by Sonny Eclipse. One of my friends ordered the Barbecued Pork Sandwich, which comes with a choice of Apple Slices, Green Beans, or French Fries. This sandwich is fairly standard menu fare around property, and usually the top choice when pitted against a burger or nuggets for Matt. In fact, he ordered this last year, and I opted for the Green Beans with my lunch that day (which I’ll note were a bit overcooked for my liking, but still a nice choice if you’re French-fried out).


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Lunch at Electric Umbrella


Not much has changed to the menu at Electric Umbrella since my last visit to the Epcot restaurant almost a year ago, when I ordered the French Dip Burger. Entree prices remain unchanged, however, the Hand-tossed Caesar with Chicken has been replaced by an Energy Salad with Roasted Chicken, and its price has been upped by $2.


Sodas are still $2.99 with unlimited free refills (RFID has not been added here yet). The Slushies are new to the menu, Dasani is 25 cents more, coffee, hot tea, and hot cocoa are up by 10 cents, and Beso del Sol Sangria has been replaced by the pricier Strawberry Margarita and Pina Colada. Desserts are up 10-40 cents, and the Kids’ Cheeseburger has received a 50 cent bump.


I had been wanting to try the Sausage and Pepper Sandwich for a while, which replaced the Meatball Sub a couple of years ago, and finally stopped by on my way out of the park. The sandwich features Italian Sausage Chunks, Peppers, Onions, Tomato, Provolone Cheese and is served with Grapes or French Fries, of which I chose the latter.


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Lunch at Studio Catering Co.


Back in March, the Disney Parks Blog announced new menu items coming to Studio Catering Co. at Hollywood Studios. I finally decided to give the Pulled Beef Brisket Sandwich which caught my eye a try. It features Braised Beef Brisket, Muenster Cheese, Arugula, and Horseradish Sauce on a Ciabatta Roll. The sandwich is served with French Fries (although I meant to request the House-made Chips served with some other items on the menu).

studio-catering-company-pulled-brisket-sandwich© Disney

The presentation of the sandwich in real life is pretty good in comparison to the promo shot. I ordered the sandwich just as the restaurant opened, and the sandwich itself tasted fresh, although the fries seemed they had been sitting for a while based on temperature.


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Lunch at House of Blues


A couple weekends ago, Matt and I headed to Downtown Disney to see Jurassic World at AMC Theatres. Although we would be watching from their Fork & Screen theater, I had been in possession of a Restaurant.com coupon for House of Blues for seemingly ever. We decided that we might as well save a few bucks and use it.


For his meal, Matt ordered the French Dip, described as Slow-roasted Roast Beef, Sauteed Bourbon Onions, Provolone Cheese, Au Jus, and Creamy Horseradish served on a French Roll. Matt does NOT like Horseradish at all, so he requested it without and in its place requested mayonnaise on the side. There was ample roast beef, but some of the bits were a bit fatty. You can see the onions and some of the cheese poking out underneath the beef. The sandwich comes with Fries, but you can substitute Sweet Potato Fries for $1 and add a Soup or House Salad for $4. He kept it simple with the regular fries.


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Electric Umbrella’s French Dip Burger & Menu Update

We’re all friends here, right? Right. So it’s safe to say Disney burgers aren’t the brightest star in the sky. Once in a while, you’ll get a surprise hidden gem. But “acceptable” is pretty good in the grand scheme of things, unfortunately. That being said, Electric Umbrella, located in Future World at Epcot, recently had a menu update. The former Macaroni & Cheese Burger, which I can proudly say I never reviewed, has been replaced by a French Dip Burger. Some other items have changed as well, and vegetarians may (or may not) want to brace themselves, because there is something on the menu for them that ISN’T a veggie burger.


But first, the burger. The French Dip Burger gets rid of that grainy mac & cheese and instead adds Brisket, Crispy Onions, and Muenster Cheese to their 1/3lb Angus Burger. The burger comes with grapes or fries, but chances are you won’t be asked and will receive fries. Side note: They don’t have RFID soda here yet, so you can refill to your heart’s content.

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Dinner at Grand Floridian Cafe

I was recently able to enjoy breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe, making another dent in my dining experiences at the restaurant at the Grand Floridian Resort. After having to make some reservation changes for a party of 10, we managed to swing a dinner reservation here. I apologize for the photo quality (or lack thereof); I was having some camera setting issues and needed to fall back on the ol’ iPhone, but I managed to resolve the issue. So let’s just right in!

grand-floridian-cafe-bread-serviceBread service

Matt was looking at the appetizers and decided on starting with the Pan-seared Scallops, which are served with Bacon-laced Arugula, Spinach, and Fennel Meyer Lemon Butter Emulsion.


The portion consists of two scallops, which were nicely cooked. My favorite part, however, was all the good stuff underneath. It was a bit smoky from the bacon with a nice hit of salt, while the greens still retained their brightness. We’d certainly order these again.


For his entree, Matt ordered the Orecchiette Pasta, served with Grilled Chicken, Prosciutto, Peas, and Asiago Cream Sauce. He noted the dish was a bit on the salty side, but otherwise he liked it. I don’t think he enjoyed it enough to order it again, however.


I’m not especially big on pasta, and between the sauce and the prosciutto, there was indeed a bit salty. Perhaps this would make a better side than a main course. Some more peas would have been nice as well.


I had been craving a burger, so opted for the Grand Floridian Burger, an Angus Chuck Burger with Butter-poached Lobster, Red Onion Marmalade, and Arugula on a Brioche Bun with Chips. Matt’s interest in this burger was piqued by the Red Onion Marmalade.


There was a good portion of lobster on the burger, which was was all tail meat and I imagine was Florida lobster. While texturally it was cooked nicely, it didn’t taste like it was poached in butter. After a couple bits of burger and lobster, I ended up eating the lobster off the burger as the two flavors and textures didn’t work for me.


There was a plentiful amount of arugula, some of which I removed. The marmalade was really fantastic and brought an unexpected sweetness to the burger, and the burger was cooked pretty close to the medium-rare I requested. I ended up bringing half of the burger home.


The chips were a bit hit and miss. Some had a good crunch, while others were on the soft side, and some had a lot of salt on them.


Here are some of the items our fellow diners ordered:

grand-floridian-cafe-pan-roasted-chicken-breast-green-beans-ricePan-roasted Chicken Breast: Normally comes with Chef’s Seasonal Risotto and Chicken Jus, modified for a special diet with no Chicken Jus and added Green Beans and Rice

grand-floridian-cafe-shrimp-and-gritsShrimp and Grits: Jumbo Shrimp with Chorizo and Fennel served on top of Creamy Mascarpone Cheese Grits

grand-floridian-cafe-kids-meaty-macaroniKids’ Meaty Macaroni

grand-floridian-cafe-kids-chicken-nuggets-and-friesKids’ Chicken Nuggets and Fries

grand-floridian-cafe-dessert-samplerDessert Sampler (display): Fresh Berry Tart, Boston Cream Pie, Key Lime Tart, Lemon Cheesecake

Matt decided he wanted dessert, and the small portions were a perfect end to the meal. The desserts on the sampler ($10.99) can be purchased individually for $3.49 each, and I think it’s a fair price for the size. Matt liked everything about the Boston Cream Pie: Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Vanilla Custard and topped with a Dark Chocolate Glaze. I had a bite and though it was pretty good, but my favorite part was the dark chocolate since I like the slight bitterness of it.


Here are the menus from our visit:









Overall, our dinner and experience at Grand Floridian Cafe was very good. Our server was great handling our large party and anticipated our needs without rushing us. The Pan-seared Scallops and the Grand Floridian Burger were stand-outs for us, and we wouldn’t hesitate to order either dish again. Everyone in our party seemed pleased by their dishes as well. I look forward to our next visit to try some more menu items and revisit some new favorites as well.

Have you enjoyed dinner at Grand Floridian Cafe? What do you like to order?