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Breakfast at Rainforest Cafe


This past weekend, I made an early trip to Animal Kingdom and stopped by Rainforest Cafe to try their breakfast. I started with a Jungle Fever – Spicy Bloody Mary Mix (I’m guessing Finest Call brand) and vodka blended with “secret seasonings.” It’s topped with their “famous Kettle Chips,” which I believe are Cape Cod chips.


The drink was okay with some doctoring – Tabasco, salt, pepper. The glass was rimmed with celery salt, which I used my straw to scrape and stir in. It was one of those “you know what you’re walking into” situations in terms of the cocktail.


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Quick Bite: Rainforest Cafe’s Chicken Tenders


While on my way out of a recent trip to Animal Kingdom, I exited through Rainforest Cafe. I made a quick stop for lunch and kept it simple by ordering their Chicken Tenders – golden fried chicken tenders served with your choice of  Buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing or BBQ sauce and ranch dressing. I opted for the latter, but it was just served with BBQ (which was fine by me).


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The New Lava Lounge at Rainforest Cafe

The newest addition to Downtown Disney can be found over at the Rainforest Cafe. An outdoor bar and cozy dining area, the Lava Lounge, is now open. We decided to swing by and check it out and share a few pics with you!

The entrance is themed like a cave entering the side of the volcano.


Lava glows inside the hallway.


The bar seating features two TVs mounted on more glowing lava.


The remainder of the narrow space features high top tables and a few standard height tables.


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Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom: Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

I’ve enjoyed visiting Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney for many years since it opened, but I had never visited the one at Animal Kingdom. My latest trip to the park left me a bit disappointed in the quick service menus, and I was ready to try something at least partially new instead of ordering something I’ve had recently. While there is an entrance to the restaurant without having to go through the turnstyles, I entered from the park side.

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Rainforest Cafe in the Late 90s

I LOVED visiting Rainforest Cafe when I was a kid. Heck, I still enjoy the place! While it doesn’t have the same lure to me as Margaritaville, I am drawn in if nothing more than to check out the merchandise. Gotta see Cha-Cha the frog! Here are some pics I took back in the late 90s. My favorite drink was the Monty’s Python! Yes, I am indeed a fan of the show. 🙂

Rainforest Cafe: Little Islander Caesar Salad

I’ve been a fan of Rainforest Café for a very long time. Before you die of shock, please hear me out. Ever since my first visit when I spotted a smoothie called “Monty’s Python” on the menu, I was hooked (“What, the curtains?!” “No, not the curtains, lad!”). I loved the Caribe Chicken. Fried chicken with a coconut breading? Yes, please. Back then, I basically LIVED off chicken fingers. I love the kitschiness of the entire place. The audioanimatronics and the rainstorms are a guilty pleasure, and here I am on the property of the man that made them a reality!

Okay, okay… onto my recent trip. I sat at the bar (surprise!) and was fortunate enough to get the parrot barstool (yup, a Parrothead as well as a MP fan). I was fairly torn as to what I was going to order. I was in the mood for mozzarella sticks, but a picture of them on a menu had me decide against them. They looked pretty darn standard. After reviewing the menu over and over again, I finally decided that I was in the mood for a Caesar Salad.

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